Seventeen ‘BROW’S that’ and ‘mega matte’

I was recently welcomed into the Seventeen Blogger Network, and as a result of this, Seventeen very kindly sent me a few products to try out! I got the ‘brow’s that’ brow kit, and two of their new ‘mega matte’ lipsticks.


The brow kit comes with a pencil, wax, powder and shimmery highlight. There is also a step-by-step guide of how to get the best results using the kit. I followed the steps (as usually I don’t use a pencil and powder together) and personally I think the results are amazing! The pencil is beautifully soft and all of the different elements work wonderfully together. I don’t know if the kits come in different colours, but the pencil and powder are a perfect colour for me and I think could be built up to appear darker. The thing I love the most about this kit is that it comes with a highlight shade, as I really feel it helps give your brows a little something extra. I’ve used this kit everyday since I got it, and I think I might even like it more than my Urban Decay brow box!

Left; with the brow kit Right; natural brow

The mega matte lipsticks that I received are in the shades ‘Lava you a lot’ – a bright red, and ‘Violet summer’ – a shimmery purple. I was really pleased with the shades I got as they’re ones that I may not have chosen for myself, but now I’ve been able to see how nice the colours really are. As you might expect from a matte lipstick, I feel that they are quite dry when you put them on (so make sure you exfoliate your lips!) but do give an amazingly matte finish and wear well throughout the day. The only thing about these lipsticks that I would change is the fact that they are rounded rather than pointed, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker. I think both colours are gorgeous, but the red is definitely my favourite and I got loads of compliments when I wore it!

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 20.29.14.png

I absolutely love the products that I got to try and can’t wait to see what else Seventeen have to offer. I think I’ll definitely be purchasing some more of the mega matte lipsticks as they have a huge range of colours! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any other favourite Seventeen products! 🙂



August Favourites!

Where on earth has August gone?! I honestly can’t believe how quick this month has gone, and now I’m getting ready to start my second year at uni! So, I thought I’d let you know some of the things I’ve been really loving this month.

I’ll start with makeup, as I’ve discovered a few new things this month that have easily become some of my favourite products.

We recently got a NYX stand in boots and I’ve been absolutely blown away by their products. The white liquid liner is so opaque and long lasting, and the soft matte lip cream (in the colour Istanbul) is stunning! They’re both really easy to apply and wear really well, especially for the price. I’ve also stumbled upon the Collection 2000 Glam Crystals glitter eyeliner. After seeing the Urban Decay heavy metal liners everywhere, I had been lusting after them for ages. However, these liners are a perfect dupe and are a fraction of the price! My last makeup product isn’t a new one, but I’ve found myself reaching for the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette a lot this month. There’s such a wide range of colours so you can create so many different looks with it, and the shadows themselves feel amazing and are really long lasting.

A couple more beauty related products I’ve used a lot this month have been the new Barry M ‘coconut infusion’ nail polish in the colour Laguna, and the Lee Stafford hair growth spray treatment. The nail polish formula smells incredible, lasts really well and ‘Laguna’ is a stunning blue that looked perfect when the sun was out! The Lee Stafford treatment has become a staple in my hair routine; I use it every time I wash my hair and can certainly tell the difference. It helps to detangle my hair and the condition has improved a lot, as it has been quite dry recently.

As I said earlier, I’m starting my second year of university quite soon, so have been trying to get organised in advance. I somehow discovered a whole world of planning and planner stickers that I’m disappointed I’d never been a part of before!

I bought myself a stunning planner from Erin Condren and some stickers to get me started! I’m completely in love with the planner and feel that it will really help me be organised with all of my uni work, while still giving me something fun to do by decorating it with the stickers. The stickers pictured are from Creating & Co and Keenaprints; both on Etsy. I’m ridiculously excited to buy more stickers and get creative!

My last favourite I’m going to share is actually a show on Netflix called iZombie. My boyfriend and I found it by chance just by scrolling through the homepage, but we’re hooked! I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s full of references and puns, so if you have Netflix I definitely recommend you give it a watch!

That’s it for August! I hope everyone has a good time getting back into whatever you’re doing after the summer, and let me know if you’ve been loving any of the products I’ve mentioned! ❤

Kat Von D ‘Serpentina’ review


I recently purchased the new Kat Von D ‘serpentina‘ palette and thought I would do a little review of it! As you can see, there’s a beautiful selection of jewel-toned shades that are all very highly pigmented, and I feel that this palette is definitely for those who love to play around with colour. The palette comes with 8 shadows and 1 loose pigment in a yellow-gold colour that goes perfectly with all of the other colours in the palette. Even though the colours are quite bold, there’s still a nice selection to create a range of looks and also a couple of statement colours that you could use everyday; such as the light golden colour ‘medusa’ and the shimmery black ‘ankh’. I’d have to say my favourite colours are Bloodmilk; a matte burnt red, Hieroglyph; a bright shimmery orange, Scarab; a beautiful emerald green and Prophet; the sparkly loose pigment.

I’ve created a couple of looks using this palette already but I think there’s a huge variety of things you could do with the combination of colours. I created a very colourful, rainbow look and then also did a golden cut-crease that may be more wearable instead of all of the bright colours together.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 19.45.17.png

Overall, I’m extremely pleased that I bought this palette and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I feel that it could be a perfect way for someone to add in colour to their makeup and the shadows themselves are really easy to work with, comfortable to wear and very long-lasting. Let me know if you have this palette or anything similar that you love! 🙂

My favourite summer makeup!


With the weather finally getting warm in the UK, which I’m pretty sure won’t last, I thought I would tell you all about my favourite makeup to wear during warmer days! I’ll start off by listing all of the products pictured, and then tell you a few more details about them.

The combination of the Bourjois CC cream and the Soap and Glory translucent powder is one I’ve been wearing every day since the sun started coming out. The CC cream gives you just enough coverage but feels extremely lightweight and smells amazing! I feel that it makes my skin look really healthy while still coving up redness and imperfections. Additionally, I like to use the translucent powder to make sure the CC cream stays in place all day, especially under the eye area where makeup tends to crease very easily. I have also been using the Dallas bronzer everyday, as it’s a beautiful dusky colour with a hint of plum, to give you a lovely sunkissed glow while not looking too dark on my pale skin.

For eyes, I’ve listed a high-end and a drugstore version with very similar colours. I have the Too Faced natural eyes palette that has 9 gorgeous shades which all go together perfectly. It also comes with a little guide book with instructions for three different looks to help you out with perfecting a perfect natural eye. However, the Makeup Revolution iconic 3 contains 12 shades to create a lovely natural eye look for a fraction of the price. I personally think the Makeup Revolution palette is more versatile, as it includes a few darker shades for people who may prefer a slightly smokey look.


After I’ve finished my face, I love to use the Sleek ‘solstice’ highlighting palette to give me an amazing glow! This palette is wonderful as it contains four different colours (one cream and three powder) so you can choose the perfect one to match the rest of your look. This palette is packed full of shimmer and is an absolute steal for the price.

For lips, I do like to alternate between bright colours and nudes depending on my mood. The Nyx ‘babydoll’ lipstick is a beautiful, soft nude that feels really creamy on the lips and lasts all day. However, Limecrime’s ‘squash’ is a gorgeous bright orange that I think is perfect for summer! I also like to use Nyx ‘tiramisu’ if I’m in the mood for a coloured lip but with a high shine. I do prefer to wear liquid lipsticks as good ones really do last all day, and when you’re having fun in the sun who has the time to keep topping up your lipstick?


I’ve also included the Barry M molten metals nail polish in ‘copper mine’ as I think it’s a perfect colour for summer! The finish on your nails really does look like liquid metal and the copper colour reflects the sunlight beautifully. This is the only colour I have from this collection but I definitely think I’m going to invest in some more of the shades as the metallic finish is stunning.

I hope you enjoyed finding out my summer staples and all of the products are linked in the first list if you want to try any of them for yourself! Please let me know your favourite summer makeup and let’s enjoy the sun while we’ve got it! 🙂

Lush products I can’t live without!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 19.56.51

I thought I would do a countdown of my favourite lush products! These are all items that I use pretty much every time I have a bath or shower, so thought it would be good to share them 🙂

American Cream

This is my absolute favourite conditioner. It smells so gorgeous and leaves my hair feeling lusciously soft every time I use it. I apply it to the middle and ends of my hair, as putting conditioner in my roots makes them greasy quite quickly, and leave it on probably for a good 20 minutes to lock in the moisture. The smell lasts all day and nothing else makes my hair feel as amazing as this does!

Breath of fresh air

Breath of fresh air is a toner water, and comes in a spray bottle to create a relaxing mist over your face. I use it after I take my makeup off or in the morning to give me a quick refresh. As it says on the label, it’s a ‘sea breeze in a bottle’, and that couldn’t be more true! It’s a perfect pick me up and makes my skin feel beautifully hydrated.

Let the good times roll

This is a face scrub that I couldn’t imagine living without! It smells utterly amazing and makes my skin feel better than ever. I have normal/dry skin and this does wonders for me; it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and still smells beautiful even after washing it off. it also calms down redness that I have in my cheeks, which is a massive bonus!

Snow fairy

As any lush fan knows, snow fairy is the most luxurious and sweet shower gel you can find. Unfortunately, it is limited edition at christmas, hence the giant bottle to keep me going through the year! It creates a lather filled with the scent of candy floss and leaves my skin feeling soft and shimmery. Every christmas I get extra excited knowing I can buy some more!

Rub rub rub

This is a shower scrub that makes my skin feel ridiculously smooth. I have quite bumpy, red skin on my upper arms, so I’ve tried plenty of body scrubs to try and reduce this, but none have succeeded as well as this one. It has a lovely unique smell and doesn’t feel harsh on the skin, but definitely works! I also tried this as shampoo, and it gave my hair lots of volume due to the sea salt.

So those are my favourite lush products! Let me know what lush products you love or if any of these are your favourites too! ❤

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick


I discovered Gerard Cosmetics through Instagram and after looking on their website I was desperate to order some to try out. It took me a while to decide which ones I wanted as they have a really lovely range of colours and finishes. Eventually, after deleting several from my basket, I ordered the colours ‘vintage rose’, ‘tequila sunrise’ and ‘peachy keen’. I was really excited to get them, but they did take a while to arrive as the company is based in America.

A few weeks later, they arrived! Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case when receiving things from the USA, I had to pay tax at the post office before I could get them, which was almost the same price as one lipstick. This is something that still manages to surprise me, as usually when I order things from an american company they include tax prices in the shipping charge, so there is no extra costs after you place your order. Nevertheless, I paid and was really looking forward to trying my new lipsticks!


Before I even looked at the lipsticks themselves, I was blown away by the packaging. The gold cases add a really classy element which I wasn’t expecting. The colours are beautiful, and peachy keen (the sparkly one on the right) is absolutely gorgeous and was a huge surprise as the glitter wasn’t pictured on the website. I was also pleased with the different finishes; I got two satin ones and one matte. There are cream ones available too, but I picked mine based on colour rather than the finish.


All of the lipsticks go on nicely, but I was slightly disappointed that they weren’t as pigmented as they appeared. Also, the glittery one only has glitter on the outside so is just a plain colour when you put it on – slight let down. However, I love the colours that I chose and they can be built on to make a stronger colour. Unfortunately, the main issue I found with these lipsticks is that they don’t seem to be that long lasting. When I wore one all day I found myself having to reapply quite a lot. It’s not a deal breaker, but could be an issue sometimes. I do really like the lipsticks that I got, but I’m not 100% sure whether I would buy more due to them not being that long lasting and the extra customs charge I had to pay. I have heard good things about their liquid lipsticks though, so I might try those next time. Let me know if you’ve tried any of Gerard Cosmetics’ products and what you thought of them. 🙂